Sunday, 27 January 2008

Elena's Portrait Stage 7...and a Small Dog!

I seem to have cracked on with the painting a fair amount this weekend - no disturbances so I could concentrate. I have been working on the left-hand side of the horse's head, as well as his nose (not finished, but on the way).

Today I have been concentrating on Elena's hand, which I think is finished. I will check again when the rest of the painting is nearing completion to see if I have left anything out or made any glaring errors. I am using a very small brush (Round No.2) and blending the paint on the canvas as I go.

Still left to paint - the horse's upper lip, right hand side of his face as well as the white blaze down the centre, and more detail on his ears. The mane may need a bit more work once the rest of the head is complete. With a bit of luck this could well be done by the end of the coming week. It has been a darn sight harder to paint than the previous commission (Sam the dog) but no less fun because of it.

And in the evenings I have been knitting up a small, slightly shaggy, grey dog, who has a smart tartan collar with a tag, and a rusty-coloured knitted coat which fastens round the neck and under the belly. He also has a knitted bed and blanket, and will have a bowl and toys after this evening. These sets are £15 + p&p

I will be setting up a web site with my work in a more formal setting in the weeks to come. For those of you who are interested in buying my paintings, this will be the place to visit. Also an opportunity to browse should you be considering asking for a commission. I will post the name and link etc. once it is up and running.


natural attrill said...

Cute dog!!

natural attrill said...

Good luck with the new website Caroline, I'll link it to our blog when its done if you like.

Helz said...

It is looking fantastic Caroline! And the little dog is soooo lovely!! Helz x

Mik said...

Brilliant stuff Caroline. I have no idea how you find time to work, do all your art work, knit great dogs, make jewelry AND write a blog!! Do you eat, sleep etc etc , like the rest of us??
In total awe.

Caroline B said...

Hi Mik - I don't get out much....!