Sunday, 2 November 2008

Yarn Safari...

I had my first proper day off for a very long time yesterday and spent it up in London with Sybille of Magpie Magic on the hunt for new yarns! We went to I Knit in Waterloo, a fabulous little shop with many exciting and different yarns, books and accessories as well as comfortable places to sit. It is run by two very helpful gentlemen, and it was interesting to see a man sitting and knitting a full size sweater - I've not seen that since I was a child and my uncle (also a skilled potter and artist) used to make all his own knitwear.

We initially darted around like children in a sweetshop, but after calming down and some sensible thinking, we set about gathering more stash. It was quite funny to see the difference in taste - Sybille's yarn all colour co-ordinated and textural while mine was very much the brightest colours - I just can't resist anything with a vibrant hue! We did both buy some of the Jelly yarn - a whole ball of bright coloured plastic yarn similar to the stuff children use to make 'scoobies'. It will be fun to see what we come up with individually.

Oh yes, and it didn't break the bank - a pat on the back for restraint in the face of incredible temptation!

Lust for yarn satiated, we pottered off to Covent Garden for a look round the shops and some lunch. I picked up this cool Japanese bag (Any suggestions what to put in it? Best so far is my lunch!) and some Bacon Mints.......I though they would be little mints in the shape of pigs or something, but when my daughter and I had a taste of them on the train home, they do really taste of bacon..and mint. Hmmmm........the jury is still out on that one!

So I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after having a whole day away from any kind of work - back to the grindstone today with a pet portrait, but I'm really looking forward to getting back to some 'serious' painting - not a spud or soppy kitten in sight!


fhiona galloway said...

oh I'm liking that bag Caroline-you could put your yarn and needles in it to carry about whenever you feel the yearning to knit!
your yarns are looking pretty cool too-like the plummy multi coloured one.
Hmmm it's making me in the mood for some knitting!

Caroline B said...

I knew the bag would be up your street Fhi!

natural attrill said...

Bacon mints? how strange! I've never heard of them before.
Sausages in chocolate next.....

Magpie Magic said...

What a good girl you are - all your yarn is already wound into balls! LOL I only do that when I am ready to knit it... Can't wait to see what you're going to do with your yarn!

Using it as a knitting bag is a good idea - especially with so many projects on the go!


Raggy Rat said...

i have heared of pork and apple sauce but never bacon and mint ... i'm a veggie, please dont send me one lol !