Saturday, 17 January 2009

Charcoal Kitten in Felt

Sometimes you find the things you need in unexpected places. I was searching our local 'Aladdin's Cave' shop - you know the sort, they have everything from plastic boxes to light bulbs to colouring books - and what I wanted was some tissue paper. While rummaging under a shelf in a crate, I discovered a huge hoard of felt in colours not generally seen in the craft shops - not the ones I go to anyway. So I came away having spent a few pounds more than intended but feeling very pleased with myself.

The first project to use the felt was the above kitten in a lovely charcoal shade. Looks great, was absolutely impossible to sew - black thread on dark grey felt.....who knows what my stitching looks like, I certainly can't make it out! But as there are no gaping holes with stuffing poking out, I'll assume it is all ok. I made his bed with blue felt, lined with some of the Japanese fabric given to me at Christmas. Now all I need to do is make his tiny accessories and send him off to Etsy.

Talking of Etsy, my mind is still blown by what happened last week- I've had a shawl in my Etsy shop for months now but on the exact same day, not only did it sell but someone else commissioned me for another one. Weird!

So my next project will be the shawl, and I am very excited about some fabric I ordered from Etsy last week with ants on it(!) - can't wait to get that!


Laura said...

That is one happy kitten! He's lovely.

Magpie Magic said...

What a lovely little kitten. Looks really sweet and I like it's little bed. Can't wait to see the accessories you'll come up with.

PG said...

Love the big head! Am always taken with the tiny things you make to go with them. (Etsy works in mysterious ways - congratulations!)

Sallie said...

The kitten is soooo cute. Great job!