Friday, 30 January 2009

At Last!

Finally, the finished horse! It hasn't really taken me this long to complete, I just had to wait for the eyes I ordered from e-Bay to come - the first lot were lost in the post and I had to wait for replacements.

He's a bit wonky, and the angle of his ears make him look a little bolshy too, but I'm quite pleased with my first attempt at this type of toy. Next time (if there is a next time!) I will use an easier-to-sew fabric - the faux suede was very tough both on the sewing machine and my fingers.


Magpie Magic said...

He's very sweet. I like him. :-) You could put a flower in his hair and then stick him on Etsy, I bet there's a little girl just waiting for him. :-)

PG said...

Oh Caroline, if you could see the wry smile on my face...I have been battling with a ****** felted horse for nearly two weeks...yours is far nicer than mine. :)

Caroline B said...

Ah but PG, I cheated and used a pattern! I'm sure yours will be fine in the end!

natural attrill said...

Oh I think he is gorgeous!
The wonkyness is what gives him character.

Sallie said...

I like the horse very much. I can't imagine trying to sew the faux suede though.