Tuesday, 13 January 2009

More Amigurumi Fun!

They are quietly taking over my house! Latest additions to the Amigurumi menagerie are the little dachshund above - he is so cute - that ID disc is about the size of the head of a thumb tack, so you can guess the size of the rest of him! He's off to try his chances on Etsy....

Sybille had a point the other day - there don't seem to be any cats in my crochet zoo, so I decided to rectify that. This one is my own design - well, I pinched the body shape off the previous beagle, the head is a generic crochet ball, and the rest I made up as I went along.

I quite like how this turned out, with it's cute little pink nose - I think I may make some more in other colours now I have the hang of how to make them. She's off to Etsy too...bye,bye!

After about ten days of 'rest' from painting, looks like I'm back in the swing of things with a lovely double dog picture coming up. Just as well as I can't seem to sit around for any length of time any more - I appear to have lost the art of sloth!


Magpie Magic said...

Finally! A lovely little kitty. :-)

The doggy is sweet too. My favourite so far, I think (of the dogs). I'd love to see a tabby cat.

Raggy Rat said...

so fiddly but worth it
talking of worth it, giraffe is finished
i will photo her today and the zebra pics too
and link back to your blog with the swap detail
cat xxx

Laura said...

The cat is so cute, Caroline! :o)

natural attrill said...

really sweet these little 'uns!

Sallie said...

Love all the little animals! They are sooooo cute.

Daniella said...

I have admired your work for a long time now. Your pet portraits are particularly stunning. When I get a bit more money in the Summer, I'll definately ask you if you can commission an A3 Acrylic of my dog.

Your amazing!