Sunday, 11 January 2009

Little Dogs & Blue Potatoes...

I've been working on three little knitted dogs for a swap with Cat at Raggy Rat, and completed the last one yesterday.

They are for her daughters, so each one is different - one white and fluffy, one reddish boucle, and one plain brown - all with their collars and tags. In return, I'm getting a flowery giraffe - I just fell in love with it!

Here are the dogs again............well, doing what dogs do!

I also completed another painting of more blue potatoes, although have to confess they look rather like something else that dogs do! Incredible the colour of the inside though. This time, the author told me I was free to cook and taste these, so I peeled a couple and boiled them up. Stained my fingers blue in the process and the cooking water turned a fantastic Viridian green.

They remained a deep purple with slight white flecking and were absolutely delicious! Very dense, fluffy texture, and the taste was intensely potatoey - that's all I can say, that the flavour was far more concentrated than normal potatoes. Of course, having discovered how nice they are, you know I won't ever be able to find them to buy in the UK!

I just have a couple more potato paintings to do over the next few weeks - there will be quite a break before the fresh ones are harvested and it starts all over again.

Finally, I crocheted a little MP3 player holder just for me out of paper tape yarn, trimmed with a vintage mother-of-pearl button. My son gave me this player and it is great for when I am painting - no more changing CD's or having to disentangle myself when I have to get up - but it was a pain jamming it into my jeans pocket and I have dropped it several times. So now I can sling it round my neck and not worry!


Sallie said...

Thanks for the photo and critique of the blue potatoes. Interesting that the water turned green. I wonder if you could use blue potato skins for dyeing.

Raggy Rat said...

hi not sure if you are getting my messages - i am ready to post

im sure i left a nice comment on here before ? or maybe we just emailed?

anyway good to go now, apart from i know i still need to send you book images of zebra