Thursday, 23 April 2009

Crochet-Crochet...and a Giveaway

Well, it's back to the day job this week and not much time for excessive crafting. Also I am back painting potatoes so no wildlife painting for a few days either. But I did manage to finally crochet another turtle from the pattern I made up. This time I have used a green 'camouflage' yarn for the shell and top parts with a grey yarn for the underneath. No so sure I like the varigated yarn as it takes away from the pattening on the shell, but quite effective nonetheless. He will be up on Etsy later in the day when I return from Bring a Dad to School Day at work....gulp!

I also whizzed up a little crochet penguin keyring for a friend of mine whose birthday it is today. (Happy Birthday Sue!) This is also my own 'design' - how can I describe a crochet sausage with bits sewn on as a design really!

While making this, I thought up a twist for a giveaway. I said quite a while ago that I planned a giveaway but then put it to the back of my mind. What I want from you are suggestions for an animal or bird you would like to have as a keyring and when I pick out the winner randomly, I will have to make that creature for you and you will get it to be your very own. Please be kind though - I'll have a go at almost anything but some oddities may just be impossible to recreate!
I'll give it a week and my one stipulation is that I get more than 5 comments (not from the same person either!), preferably more than 10 in order to make it interesting, so tell your friends!


Magpie Magic said...

The penguin is sweet. Definitely a design as he's cute. LOL

I am not sure which turtle I like better. The camouflage yarn adds something to the design but I agree about the patterning not showing as much, but on the other hand it looks a bit like seaweed and other stuff growing on the shell.

Here's my suggestion for your giveaway - a meerkat. They're cute and very distinct. :-)

Laura said...

That turtle is so fab!

'Bring A Dad To School Day'? Intriguing.

Great idea for the giveaway! I would opt for a guinea pig.

natural attrill said...

I really like your sausage!

Please enter me into your giveaway draw, if I am lucky enough to win, I would love to have a kiwi bird key ring.


Sallie said...

Love the turtle and penguin. Very cute!

My suggestion is a challenge...a tiger.

soggibottom said...

You should make a me.....
an Amie Soto Blossom, as long as it is small enough I will wear it on my collar.
With my heart bling....
Great crochet by the way.
x x x
With love
Amie Soto Blossom

Jo Sacker said...

I have been thinking too long about this and can't decide! So I asked my daughter what she would like and her vote is a dolphin please (we are hoping to see then in Scotland later this year!!).

natural attrill said...

I think it'd have to be a quail for me please!!

Caroline B said...

Hi Caroline,

I heard about your giveaway and i'd love you to try a LARGE MUNSTERLANDER keyring to match that wonderful picture you drew of our boys! or a hedgehog!

Happy choosing!

Kimberley Johnson