Thursday, 30 April 2009

I'm Exhausted!!

Many months ago (just over 4 to be precise) my friend Sybille over on Magpie Magic sent me a birthday gift of some beautiful delicate green yarn. It was very special - I can't remember now what the combination of fibres is, but I think cashmere, fairy wings and unicorn hair are in there somewhere.

It needed a very special pattern to show off it's beauty, and after a few false starts (a boring scarf would just not do!) I found a lovely shawl pattern in the magazine Yarn Forward. I knitted half of it before discovering I had made a very serious error - one small line of instruction missed but it threw off the whole design. Not one to give up, I started again and really worked hard to get it done properly - rather discouraging at times as the pattern starts with just 8 stitches and ends up with so many it took me 2 whole hours last night to cast off!

But I think you'll agree it was worth the effort. It is probably riddled with mistakes but hopefully the laciness of it hides them well enough. This one is just for me and I have absolutely no intention of making any more unless I get offered an awful lot of money!

So now I can return to business as normal and give my poor eyes a chance to recover!

By the way, you have one more day to enter the giveaway mentioned below - I'll be picking a project on Saturday so that I can work on it over the weekend. Some very interesting suggestions, a couple of which I might just make anyway later on for the fun of it!

P.S. Just noticed the giant dog poo in the middle of my path in the photo - I'm sorry!! I'm not going out there again, it's raining......


Magpie Magic said...

The shawl is totally and utterly worth the loss of eyesight and all the hard work. LOL It's beautiful. :-) I knew you'd make something really, really special with the yarn. Well done.

Sallie said...

Oh, this is gorgeous! Sooooo pretty! Good job.

Laura said...

Oh my! This is breathtaking. You clever, clever lady. :o)