Saturday, 4 April 2009

Feeding a Habit.....

I've had a rough week this week, work has been tough, bills are coming in, the dog was ill and painting time was minimal. However, I came home to a parcel on the doorstep the other day that really cheered me up....although at first I was a bit confused and wondered if my yarn habit was so bad now that I had reached the point of not even remembering what I've ordered off the internet! But no, it was a lovely gift from Jo Sacker, the lady behind most of my portrait commissions this winter. She'd picked out the above selection of yarns....and they are gorgeous! Now I have the delicious task of planning what to use them for. Thank you Jo!

In the meantime I couldn't resist starting with the gloriously coloured sock yarn by SchoppelWolle - it is called Tropical Fish and you can see why. Too good for socks, so it is to be a lacy scarf - the photo doesn't begin to pick up the richness of the colours.

Finally, the postman just brought me these, 2 fabulously kitsch pieces of Japanese fabric from Mwendas on Etsy. Perhaps this Easter holiday I will have the time to actually use some of the many fabrics I have accumulated!


Magpie Magic said...

What a lovely present to find on your doorstep! :-) And such a selection of beautiful colours and textures!

Your scarf is looking great - and totally different from my version of it. LOL You'll see. However, I am not knitting quite as fast as you... and the kidsilk is so 'sticky'!

Love your new fabrics, especially the hedgehog and lamb fabric, that's really sweet and I like the texture.

Sallie said...

I love the scarf. It's so bright and cheerful. The fabrics are adorable, and that was a great gift on your doorstep. Have fun with it.