Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Well, Durrrrrr.......

After work today I had a potter around the town and a look in Claire's Accessories. I saw a necklace I really liked with wooden butterflies and glass beads strung wide apart on some brown thread. I was just about to reach up and check the price with a view to buying it when the penny dropped that I had all the makings of this at I went home and made it. Not quite the same as the one in the shop, but near enough for me.


Magpie Magic said...

That is cute! :-) Probably much cuter than the one in the shop - AND it's unique! :-)

Raggy Rat said...

hi my dearest i have given you a blog award
and that's quite enough html for one morning !
can you please meail me some info for a client of mine who prefers to buy by cheque, mail etc and loves your octopus knitting - actually he called it a squid :-)

natural attrill said...

Nice butterflies!