Monday, 27 July 2009

I Got The Blues......

For the past fortnight or so I have been making this shawl. In the past, I can usually make a shawl in about a week if I really go for it and knit every evening for a few hours. This one really took a lot of effort! It is made using a thin cotton yarn in denim blue, which I originally bought a couple of years ago to make a light, breathable hat for my brother-in-law and was left with just about a full cone of it. The dye came out as I worked and I had to scrub my hands clean after knitting.

It began with 400 stitches to make the slightly scalloped edging, and slowly decreased to end up with the finished triangular shape. I think it looks a bit like a moth's wings when spread out - I had trouble finding a large enough piece of floor space to photograph it on and had to stand on a chair to fit it in the lens! When it was completed, I brushed it with a dilute bleach solution to make it look like battered and faded blue jeans - hopefully with time and washing it will fade even more and gain character as it goes.

This will be up on Etsy later on - of you'd like to snap it up before then, contact me at the e-mail address above. It will be £50.

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Magpie Magic said...

This gorgeous! Love the pattern, especially the edging and the way the yarn seems to have faded in some places. Looks great. Somebody will get a really heirloom shawl!