Monday, 6 July 2009

One Skein Wonder

Here's a little something that was great fun to make. It's from a pattern in this month's Yarn Forward magazine and I have used some yellow, peach & purple soft varigated yarn which makes it look very summery. It is a narrow wrap, probably no more than 8 inches at it's widest part, with a fancy lace edging. The plain knit part has used the short row technique to get a curved shape, and there is a cast off picot edging at the top. Doesn't that all sound very technical! However it is constructed, it is very pretty although not for anyone with broad shoulders (like me :0(....) If you are interested in giving this a home, contact me.

Here's my little grey dog, now with his back legs and tail and he's had a bit of a brush to make him fluffy and even cuter than he was before. He is awaiting the rest of his accessories - coat, bed, bowl & toy - in order to look for a new home at a local summer fair this Friday. If he is unsuccessful there, he'll go on Etsy - or you can snap him up first by contacting me!SOLD!

A day off from potato painting today, but a big project coming up this week when I buy the appropriate sized board - a whole potato plant, roots & all. Interesting..........


Magpie Magic said...

The shawl is a really pretty design. I could imagine that in white or black to pin to a t-shirt or coat too.

The dog is so sweet and fluffy! :-)

natural attrill said...

The fluffy fuzzyness of that little dog makes him look SO cute!