Sunday, 12 July 2009


We went to the Gem & Bead fair at Farnham yesterday - what lovely, lovely stuff they had! I could have spent an absolute fortune on beads and findings but restrained myself and came home with the above. I've not made much jewellery over the past year as other commitments have taken over my creative life, but this little lot has given me some inspiration to start up again. Watch this space!

While I am still painting potatoes, at the moment it's something slightly different as it is the book cover. It's going to take quite some time, but is already very enjoyable - note how I've done the 'boring' bit first, saving the leaves and flowers for later!

Knitting.......I'm making a squid for someone! Nearly finished, should be done by this evening.


Magpie Magic said...

Nice booty from the bead fair. I think you have been VERY restrained.

I love the painting already. It'll look great.

Can't wait to see the finished painting and the jewellery you're going to make.

natural attrill said...

Those potato roots look lovely, this is going to be a fantastic illustration I reckon, cant wait to see it finished!

PG said...

I agree, that is a beautiful illustration, looks fairly big to me, or is that just the camera angle?

I 'need' to go to a bead fair, it is so expensive and time consuming trying to find the right things online, is there a list of events anywhere do you know, or is it just a matter of keeping one's eyes peeled? (Sorry, potato reference there...)P

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love this latest potato illustration and you've started with the part that I would find most interesting to paint, the tubers and roots! Best of luck. Lesley