Monday, 25 January 2010



I've been given this award by Midge at Soggibottom and have t0 give 7 interesting facts about's early in the morning & that involves brainwork....

1. I can't ride a bicycle...tried over and over since I was a child, it's not going to happen.

2. I used to work at BBC Television Centre as a secretary. One of the reasons I don't like Terry Wogan is that he let the main door slam on me instead of holding it open behind him like a gentleman. The chaps in the band Thin Lizzie held the door for me once, why couldn't he?

3. I don't like eggs - can't eat them, won't eat them and am very tired of people acting like I have three heads because I don't eat eggs...

4. I used to work on a cruise boat as a telephonist - I think it was fun, but was permanently half asleep due to the long and anti-social shifts!

5. I travelled to Greece on the 'Magic Bus' in the early 80's - £21 fare, four days on a coach through Belgium, Germany, Austria and what then was Yugoslavia. Great experience, but something I would never do again!

6. My sister and her husband were in charge of the Olympic stables for the Athens Olympics...we even saw my sister striding across the television screen when the news featured some poor horse that collapsed & died.

7. I once paid £5 to spend twenty minutes in a cage with wolves.....fantastic, but have kicked myself ever since for not having my camera with me that day. Wolves are incredibly soft-furred and more than a little scary, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

I'm supposed to pass this on, but forgive me if I don't today - really must go to work.....

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soggibottom said...

I once had to make way in Godalming Waitrose for Chris Evens and wots her name. Billy Pipper...sorry forgot her name. Their trolley was filled to the brim....YES of cause I had a good look....Lots of cookies..........and stuff !

You paid to spend time inside the cage...and I thought I was nuts.
x x x