Saturday, 9 January 2010

Still Snowbound....

Outside it still looks like this.......

........figs on ice anyone?

Inside, some crafting has been going on. I've been working on this lace shawl for a couple of weeks now.

However, it is like knitting with gossamer as it is just about the finest yarn I have ever used - some pure Merino picked up at the IKnit Weekender last year. I'm really happy with how it is turning out, although pre-blocking it always looks like a crumpled rag. It has to be knitted sporadically though as it is so tiny and fiddly it takes all my concentration to keep it mistakes so far!

In the meantime I knitted this little chap - I've used Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake (fitting!) Chunky, which has meant he came out slightly larger than these dogs normally do, but still only 5 inches tall.

I couldn't leave him without a coat in this weather, so he has this snazzy little number knitted in acrylic yarn with snap fasteners and tiny white buttons.

Sorted! As soon as he has his bed & accessories, he'll be up on Etsy looking for a good home.

I'm also working on a painting but that's to be kept under wraps for a while until it's done - watch this space, it's a cutie!

And so another day of dealing with the snow ahead - heartily fed up with it now. You never know how much time you save by being able to jump into your car to nip and do an errand. I've also discovered just how much 3 tins of dog food, a pack of flour, some coleslaw, cherry tomatoes, shampoo and a newspaper weighs when strapped to your back for half an hour while you attempt to remain upright on the slippery slope home....if nothing else, I'll be fit by the time it thaws!


Magpie Magic said...

The little dog is so cute! Love his little coat too.

Gorgeous snow picture at the bottom - love the way you captured the cold winter light.

I can't wait to see the lacy shawl finished. It looks great already. Very fiddly but so pretty...

Sallie said...

I have a lace shawl I have been working on for over a year. The fine yarn and pattern drive me crazy. I don't know if I will ever finish it. Your shawl is lovely. I like the little dog, too. Very cute. I understand your dislike of the snow. We haven't had snow, but our temperatures have been below freezing for the last three days. We are ready for something a little warmer here in southeast Texas.

Boomka said...

I still cannot believe that you can take fabric, or yarn, or gossamer or whatever and make it look like an animal. That blows my mind. I can't even get my hair to look like hair... and it IS hair! Very cool, and great shots this week. Love that snow covered passageway, makes you wonder whats through that shrubbery!