Friday, 29 January 2010

Something for the Weekend.......

Owing to the rapid sale of Spud the puppy, who is winging his way to Denver as we speak, I thought I had better knit up another boucle puppy, in white this time. He is also knitted in Sirdar Snowflake Snuggly yarn, with a smart red and white check knitted coat. As soon as he has all his belongings made he will also go up on Etsy, sometime next week.

I've also had fun knitting this tamoshanter hat from a pattern in this month's Yarn Forward magazine. It is knitted in the round using a lace rib pattern, with a hexagonal decrease pattern on the crown. I've added a tassel for fun. Sorry about the bad quality photograph - oh for some decent daylight to take pictures by!

This is the underside of the hat, with a couple of inches of rib that keep it snugly on the head. If and when we ever get a dry day, I will be re-photographing these before they go on Etsy.

Just a reminder, see below for my giveaway - an original potato painting in acrylics, the 101st and hopefully last ever potato painting I will do, so a bit special in its own right. I still have a couple of alterations to make to two paintings before they go for publication, but only about an afternoon's work.

I shan't be twiddling my thumbs however, as after a week of wondering what to paint (slight creative block!) I have been given a family portrait to do which I am really looking forward to.


Sallie said...

Cute puppy! Love the hat. What yarn did you use?

Caroline B said...

Hi Sallie,
I honestly don't know - I raided my stash for it and the label is long gone....shame, it's really nice!

Magpie Magic said...

Cute pup, looks like a cute terrier.

Now I know what a tamoshanter is. LOL A hat! Why didn't you say so. Cool design and lovely yarn. :-) Looks a bit like the Lang Millecolori.


soggibottom said...

I think your potato is in a class of it's do you get it to shine.....

Hats good. x x x

Raggy Rat said...

are you feeloing any beter now?
please can you send a stright reply to me - i mean en email duh
my new but stupd comuter has asved you as a no reply person, and i miss being able to drop you a line
i adore the dogs you made for my girls esp the white one that daisy enjoys
cat xxxx