Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tomato Catch-up

Haha, did you see what I did there?  It's been a few weeks since the tomato challenge with Soggibottom blog began, so let's see how mine are getting on.
Nope, these aren't tomatoes, they are cucumbers and aren't they coming along nicely?  How about these....

Wrong again, these are sweetpeas, also growing well and ready to be re-potted (and watered by the look of the soil!)
Here we are, baby tomato plants - I don't think they are trying as hard as they could be, to be honest.  It wasn't helped by the weather turning cold and dull shortly after they'd poked their heads above ground.
Oh dear....these are also tomatoes, the Yellow Stuffer variety.  I think I had better do some potting on very quickly to try and get them back on the straight and narrow.  This is usually the stage my seedlings perish as I am not very good at 'pricking out' - a bit clumsy and impatient.  Let's hope they survive!
I don't have much in the way of completed arts and crafts at the moment.  I have been working on this triangular scarf in the fabulous Habu cotton gima yarn in a mouthwatering sugar pink shade.  The yarn is flat and has a paper-like feel to it, so even when knitted in stocking stitch it looks quite fancy.  I've trimmed the picots with little pink wooden flower beads.  I've just reached the middle point, so it's all decreases from now on.

There is also a white fox stole on the needles but the yarn I have chosen is quite bulky and hurts my hands after a while, so it is slow going.

As Mr. Fuzzy from the previous post has already been sold on Etsy, I'm going to have to get moving and make some more knitted dogs.  Having seen an Airdale puppy recently, I'm wondering how I could knit one....

And on the drawing board is a detailed painting of a zebra, nearly finished - should be ready for viewing in a couple of days.


soggibottom said...

I see your seedlings :-)
Don't think mine look much better.
Will show you on a post tomorrow :-) xxx

Sue Doran said...

I love pricking out, I miss it, I don't do much gardening here (rented house). I find it very relaxing. I used to grow all my own annuals for 14 hanging baskets and 4 big half barrel tubs.

Toms and chillis in a greenhouse - a greenhouse will be my FIRST purchase at my next house.

I need to garden vicariously and will follow this intently (without being biased either way of course!) :-)

Caroline B said...

Sue,I did the pricking usual, a few tomatoes fell by the wayside but the rest made it through the fumbling. We live in a rented house too but luckily the housing assoc don't mind if you cultivate the garden. You could always use lots of pots & growbags & a plastic greenhouse?

Non-biased? You realise Midge cheats and I bribe so you are in for a rocky ride!!!
(Sorry Midge, just joking!)

Magpie Magic said...

Looks like I need to get a move on if I want to catch up with my seeds. I haven't even started!!

Love your shawl. :-) xo

Sue Doran said...

I keep thinking I'm only going to be here for 6 months maximum so I don't tend to do much but it's been 3 years now!

Good idea on the pots, I have got some windowboxes (on the ground!) and 3 half barrels to fill up so that'll be fun!