Saturday, 12 March 2011


Who would have thought knitting could give you blisters!  I've been struggling to make this little chap for a couple of days, using a weird boucle yarn that's been hiding in my cupboard for a while - now I know why!  It is very stiff and has a peculiar waxy feel to it, but was perfect for the curly rough hair of an Airdale pup.

Not only was the yarn hard on the hands, but I used two shades of brown to get the brindled look, together with some thin black acrylic yarn, so it was stiff to knit on the small needles used for toy making.  We got there in the end however, despite a false start which had to be unpicked.
He's got a smart green suede collar and is now awaiting either a bed or a chair to complete his set - he's a bit larger than the usual knitted dogs due to the thickness of yarn, so a dog bed is probably the choice to make.

Today is Stacie's birthday - I cannot believe it is 23 years since she crashed into the world with such a kerfuffle. She has a big surprise in store for her today involving a certain time travelling Doctor...more on that later!


Gretel said...

Well, it worked brilliantly, despite the blisters, perfect for an Airedale!

Magpie Magic said...

Looks fab and worth all the trouble! :-) xo

Sue Doran said...

You've got a really authentic Airdale look there - brilliant!