Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pink Habu And A Perigee Moon

This delicate triangular scarf is knitted from the wonderful Habu Cotton Gima yarn in a pretty sugar pink.  The yarn is flat and papery but washes and softens like cotton - it's terrific stuff!  The scarf has been knitted in stocking stitch into a long triangle with an eyelet and picot edging, with simple pink flower shaped beads at intervals along it.  The top edge has been crocheted for stability and also has picots. 

This will be on Etsy for sale today. 

Last night was the 'perigee moon' - a full moon at it's closest to Earth.  We went outside to marvel at it several times throughout the evening, but getting a decent photograph of it was a different matter.  This was the best my camera could manage unfortunately - take my word for it, it was very big and very bright!

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