Monday, 4 July 2011

Foraging in the Garden....

I think we can declare the Tomato Challenge with Soggibottom blog well and truly over - Midge has been eating tomatoes from her plants for over a week now while mine remain resolutely unripe.  However, if all the flowers on the plants eventually turn into tomatoes, at some point in the summer we will be having them for every meal!
We have had an unexpected success with mushrooms though.  For Christmas I bought my son a mushroom growing kit although had never heard anyone getting good results from one of these kits.  He followed the instructions to the letter, got a few little nobbles starting which then turned mouldy and disappeared.  This happened a few times, so in the end we got fed up with mollycoddling the things and chucked the box outside.  I put it in a damp corner and pretty much forgot about it.  Yesterday I discovered the above!  A nice healthy crop of Yellow Oyster Mushrooms - admittedly I have just had to check what they were as neither my son or I could remember what it said on the packet.  Also, I didn't want him making himself a mushroom omelet and being rushed off to Casualty!
Elsewhere in the garden there are little treasures growing - a  blue flower grown from seed that once again I cannot remember what on earth it is.  My gardening is haphazard to say the least!
Clematis that hasn't grown for about three years - I thought the winters we have had lately had killed it.
A bumper crop of blueberries approaching ripeness.....
...a fair number of squash.....
...and lots of pretty flowers.

Not much to report creatively - last week was one of those times where life got in the way of living and I spent too long catching up on errands and jobs.  I'm knitting up stock for a summer fair on Friday, and labouring over a wild flower painting that has been untouched for far too long.  Hopefully this week I will have time to get the creative juices flowing once more and let the boring stuff take a back seat.


soggibottom said...

If we had a mushroom contest you would have won hands down :-)
There is always next year to think about. We'll have to grow something that neither of us has grown before.
Your garden looks very, very productive Caroline.
:-) x x x

Sue Doran said...

Never mind, it's the taking part that counts! Well done to both parties :-)

Garden is looking good!

Houseelf said...

You've just reminded me that we have one of those mushroom box kits. It was going to be for son's birthday 2/3 years ago!! I think we ought to use it. :-)

Good luck with the creative juices.

Caroline B said...

Have a go with the mushroom kit, you have nothing to lose. My son is still alive after eating ALL those mushrooms in one go!