Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Blue Jellyfish No.8

I think this is the final blue jellyfish in this series - I'm not bored with doing them, just think I would like some different 'poses' so will wait until we re-visit the New England Aquarium later in the year and hopefully take lots of new reference photos.

This painting is slightly different in that the background has been achieved by laying clingfilm over the wash while it was still wet and leaving it to dry.  When removed, the clingfilm has left marks in the form of wave ripples - I like this one particularly as it looks like the surface of the sea in sunlight when viewed from under the water.  It is for sale in my Etsy shop now.

Next on the agenda - I have been sent some samples of a new product by Derwent with which to create a painting that may or may not feature on the tin.  This is by selection process, so I had better pull out all the stops and produce something good!  I can't tell you what the product is....mainly because I don't know myself,  just that they are crayons.  I've been sent a very limited palette of colours, so this is quite a head-scratcher....

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soggibottom said...

What ever you pull out of that hat.... it'll be purfect :-) x x x