Tuesday, 26 July 2011

School's Out!

The tomato challenge with Soggibottom blog was officially over several weeks ago.  Down in Devon they have been picking tomatoes in such quantities they've been giving them away.  So far here in Hampshire, I have this one ripe tomato, together with a lot of very large plants with very small, unripe tomatoes on them.  I think the extremely wet and dull July we had stopped their progress, particularly as they are outside, not in a greenhouse.  Never mind, we'll get to eat them eventually!

Today was my last day at work for a few weeks until the new school year in September - we were all ready for it, especially as for the last few days we have been changing classrooms around, cleaning, moving furniture, and in my case, painting murals.  So hopefully as of tomorrow I will have plenty of time to get back to some arts and crafts, which have been sadly neglected of late.

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Magpie Magic said...

I haven't checked on my tomatoes. It's been raining so much here, but have to tomorrow. Definitely. LOL

So glad you're finally off. We celebreated our first day off on Monday with a cooked breakfast and some video game fun. :-) xoxo