Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Meet Mollie

This is Mollie - she belongs to the lady who bid the highest in an auction in aid of the Greyhound Rescue to buy a knitted replica of her dog made by me.
This is mini-Mollie, complete with fancy red collar, bed, blanket and toys.
I think I have caught her likeness - as much as a 6 inch knitted toy can!
If you would like your dog replicated in yarn, or know someone else who would, do get in touch - I'm always willing to take on new commissions.


Debs said...

Caroline, that is fantastic! Many thanks for donating your talents to our charity auction.

Houseelf said...

Oh wow that is gorgeous! May I ask a price as I have 4 greyhounds?
It is so lovely that you donated that prize to help the greys.