Tuesday, 30 August 2011


These two armchairs are a far cry from the simple softies that I knit for my dog sets!  These are having to be built with almost the same principles as real armchairs in order for them to a) fit the knitted people being used in the animation and b) have some substance so they don't collapse and move about when being animated.  The above is just the basic structure - they will later need the cushions complete with patterns, buttons and fringing.  Luckily I had the presence of mind to make them in tandem with each other because I'd never remember how to do this a second time around!  Hopefully writing the pattern instructions on a piece of interior structure won't come back to bite me in the posterior later on.......
I'm not labouring over the chairs during the day however - while the light is good I am having fun with fish, yet again using the Inktense colours because I just love them.  Got to fit in as much as I can before going back to work next Monday - also planned for this week is a trip to the dump; haircuts for me and my daughter, the dog being sent to the vets for a teeth-cleaning, and some last minute jobs round the house.  Where did the summer holiday go?

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Soggibottom said...

Good luck with all the fiddly stuff.
More of your art work please :-)
Poor Clovis, mind you I wouldn't like to put a tooth brush to his teeth. Freya's teeth, will fall out soon enough anyway. Putting a brush to hers to get used to a tooth brush to start with is a non starter !
She just chews it..... Good Luck Clovis old bean :-) X X X Oh look, word verification is morket. :-)