Saturday, 27 August 2011

Leaf Green Lacy Scarf

During the brief hiatus inbetween knitting tiny curiosities for an animated film, I have been working on this soft green lacy scarf.  It has been knitted using a delicate leafy-green slightly varigated yarn from Fiberspates - I don't know any more than that, as it was in one of their bargain mixed bags at a show last year.  I know it's a natural wool as it has that lovely warm slightly sheepy smell to it (am I the only person that could just sit and inhale that for hours?).
It has a deep slightly scalloped lace border at either end, with the centre panel being a simple repeating pattern.
It is going into my Etsy shop now, and I will be making some wristwarmers to match it....when I have the time as I  have to knit some small furniture first!


Houseelf said...

Very intricate work! Is your hand totally ok now?

Magpie Magic said...

It's lovely and will make the perfect set with the wrist warmers to cheer up a cold winter's day. :-) xoxo

Caroline B said...

Yes thanks, the finger is now completely healed and only a little pinchy if I stretch it - certainly took a long time to get back to normal though.