Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bandit at 12 O'Clock!

With the amount of art work I've had over the past couple of weeks, I felt I had been neglecting my daughter a little.  So when we were flicking through the current issue of Handmade Living in W.H.Smiths today and she showed an interest in a sock-raccoon, it seemed a good opportunity for a little mother/daughter time.

Grey socks were unavailable in the local shops, luckily there was a raggedy pair in the airing cupboard at home. Tempers got a little frayed initially -one of the shelves of books above the sewing machine's storage place collapsed, and then my daughter seemed to lose the ability to cut in a straight line.  However, once we had found a pair of scissors that she could manage, we were off and running. 
I would point out that what looked like a really quick and simple pattern was surprisingly tricky - sock is not a great fabric to sew with.  The sewing machine choked a few times and there were a couple of holes that needed cobbling together.  We got there in the end and after a couple of hours of sewing, stuffing and assembling, Stacie was very pleased with the end result - I have a feeling he will be making his way into her bed tonight!


Magpie Magic said...

Wow! Cute. : -) I bet Stacie loves it. I would. You should make more and put them in your Etsy shop. I am sure you could come up with your own designs? xoxo

Raggy Rat said...

i like him too well done stacey, esp working with that stretchy stuff!