Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Yes, you may well look ashamed of yourself.  Did you really have to chase that cat out of the front garden this morning?  In your excitement, did you forget you were still on the flexi-lead?  As I was in the middle of opening the front door, I wasn't holding the lead properly and had to grab the nylon part to stop you from running into the road.  There are about 5 metres of nylon tape on that lead and when they are pulled through your hand at speed, they do this......
I won't show you what is under the bandage, suffice it to say that's an inch long open wound where the skin was ripped off.  Shall we mention the bruised and swollen knuckle on my ring finger too?  It hurts y'know and I am supposed to paint 3 high quality illustrations over the next few days for a big pencil company.  Think on that when I can't afford to buy you treats because they won't accept the wobbly daubs I'm likely to produce....now, how about a bath and a trip to the vet just for the hell of it?*

*Please don't think I would really punish my dog for his transgression - I'm used to his idiotic behaviour when faced with some small furry creature, but his timing today was abysmal!

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Magpie Magic said...

Poor Caroline. That's horrible. Naughty dog! Hugs. Hope it heals quickly. Marigold cream from the pharmacy works wonders. xoxoxo