Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Bird In The Hand.....

This thrush is my latest creature designed and made for the animated film.  It was a tricky one this time!  I managed OK until the wings, which really caused me a headache.
The head and body were easier than I thought.  The head was based on a pattern for a dove, but changing the colours and stitching on a larger beak.  The beak had to have a gap through which a caterpillar can be inserted and still look natural.
The body I made up as I went along and pretty much prayed it would turn out the right shape when stitched. I also had to create the speckled chest as I went along.  The head is jointed using a wire inserted through the body and a knitted 'ruff' sewn around the base of the head to hide the join.  The legs are made with wire inserted through the body in a 'U' shape and the feet made either side from the same wire.  The whole lot is then wrapped with yarn and the claws painted.
The wings took several attempts - I needed to make a wing that looked natural when flying but could also be folded for when the bird is at rest.  A hard thing to do when it is woolly - too large and the wings don't fold nicely, too small and it looks wrong.
When they are sewn in place, wire then has to be inserted through the top of the wing and down the centre for animation purposes and to hold the fold.
His tail had to be wired as well, mainly to keep it in shape but also to help with animation.
It was worth the effort though - I am really pleased with the end result and cannot wait to see him in action!


Anonymous said...

wonderful, one of your best yet, well done. Would love to know more about the animated film, have noticed the mentions of it in your posts. Is there an earlier post that I need to read? Great blog, love your arty and crafty creations.


Soggibottom said...
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Sallie said...

Wonderful work!