Monday, 5 May 2014

Bedroom Antics..., nothing exciting, just some re-vamping of furniture.  Years ago, when I returned from living in Greece and had nothing other than my children and a container load of personal possessions to my name, I had to furnish our home on a shoestring.  This meant trawling through car boot sales and secondhand shops.  It's been over 20 years since then, and most of the old stuff has been replaced, except in the bedroom for some reason.  This headboard was one I picked up somewhere and I had painted it white and stencilled little flowers on it but it was starting to look very tatty.  So time to attack it with the fantastic Annie Sloan chalk paint, which covers everything with the minimum of preparation.  My kind of paint!  I then stencilled it with some clematis to match the stencilling around the top of the bedroom walls and also the chest of drawers that I re-painted over Easter.
This was an ugly piece that I never liked - it just did a job and sat sullenly in the corner being too dark brown.  Now it is pretty and I love it and cannot understand why I didn't re-paint it years ago.  There are a couple of other pieces in the room that date back to the ark, but I think we might just replace them as no amount of paint will make them look like anything other than painted MFI tat!

On the needles - a thrush.  Which is a bird.  Which you have to specify when you Google 'images of thrush' or you get a horrible shock that takes a good few days to forget.....

Also in production, that knitted giraffe.  But that is for another post, possibly when I have calmed down from the fact that it has taken over THREE DAYS to sew together and stuff.  This is using a pattern from a book - all I can say is God help anyone attempting it if they are not a very experienced knitter.....if I hadn't invested so much time and effort into it, it would be languishing in the bin right now.

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Magpie Magic said...

Looks like you had fun. :-) Looks very pretty. :-) xoxo