Wednesday, 7 May 2014


This is making slow progress, probably due to the fact I keep getting distracted by the garden in the sunshine! But it's making good progress and I am pleased so far.  I'm using Derwent Drawing Pencils, which is what I use a lot for pet portraits but not often on wildlife art.  I like the effect though, but it is very painstaking.

I'm noticing that my new Splender Blender pencils are slightly different to the old ones I have - the blender pencil is an integral part of these pictures, it not only blends the pencil marks together, it brings the colours out.  I prefer a waxy blender pencil which is what these were, but now they seem harder and not so forgiving on the paper.  Other brands have never pleased me - either too hard or too powdery, so I am hoping this is just a blip on Lyra's part.

On the needles....nothing!  I finished the thrush, managed to finally get the wings right and get him assembled to my satisfaction.  I'm dying to show you but have to get permission first as he is technically not mine!

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