Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Paint, Knit, Garden....

The leopard is taking shape - I am trying to hurry it and I really shouldn't as it won't be hurried.  I was going to make it purely pencil, but I just couldn't get the whiteness for the whiskers and around the eyes, so have started to use white acrylic ink.  It seems softer-looking than acrylic paint and easier to keep accurate.  I also had a bit of a problem with the tonal values against the background colour in places which was easily rectified by some gentle shading in a soft green which actually adds some depth which I rather like.
I've had a bit of fun this week knitting these chunky bracelets from a pattern in a past Molly Makes magazine.  They look plaited but are in fact a triple cable.
I've been wearing this one ever since I made it, it's so cool!  A tricky knit in thick aran yarn on quite thin needles but  that way it keeps its shape.
This stained glass window is a fiddly knit too - each little piece is made separately and sewn together.  I could have made it in one piece, but that would mean the yarn being carried behind the work and as this will be back-lit, I wanted there to be nothing showing through that might spoil the look of it. Lots more little pieces to knit and sew and then the black outlines to be embroidered over the top.  It's on hold at the moment as I have a rush job, kitting out one of the puppets.  Spent last night figuring out how to knit very small tools.....
It's that time of year again when Midge from Soggibottom blog and I enter into fierce competiton in the garden.  Yes, the Tomato Race is back on!  This year I decided it was kill or cure as far as growing seeds was concerned - no mollycoddling in the house, just sown straight out in the plastic greenhouse to weather the elements.  They seem to be doing all right - this is half of them.
Here's the other half.  If they all grow to size, I have no idea where to put them as my 'tomato space' has enough room for about 6 plants.
I've also cheated a little - the seeds I planted were for normal size tomatoes, no cherry tomatoes.  So I have bought a couple of plants today from the garden centre.
Who could resist these stripy beauties?  Let's hope we have a better growing summer than the past couple of years. Fingers crossed!


Soggibottom said...
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Caroline B said...

Ah come on, we both bought plants last year!! I promise only to count picking one from a plant I grew from seed - I could have bought one with flowers on it already but thought that was going too far!

Magpie Magic said...

LOL I bought mine too. The last 3 times I grew them from seed they ended up in some snail's or slug's stomach.... so no more tomato seed for me. xoxo