Monday, 9 June 2014

More Progress...

I've been putting in some work on the more 'boring' bits of this painting - the helmet and the sleeves.  Basically, until they are done, it's hard to concentrate on the 'interesting' bits - the girl's face and the horse. If the surrounding parts are not correct, then it will affect the focus points badly.  To be honest, I don't find any painting boring, I'm always happy with a brush in my hand! 

The only sections of this painting that I can say are complete are the horse's ears and the trees and sky - everything else will be worked on here and there until it all comes together as a whole.

I am not one to jump on a bandwagon, but was so sad to hear of the death of Rik Mayall. His People's Poet
was one of the funniest things I had ever seen when I was young and I quoted it ad infinitum for years.  Still makes me crack up after all this time.


Soggibottom said...
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Magpie Magic said...

:-) Getting there. xoxo