Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Who Are You Looking At?

This portrait is coming along very nicely - the background is now just about done which means I am free to get on with the subjects.  Any tinkering to the trees and grass will be done at the end of the painting when I can see it all together against the horse and girl.

While this is a fairly unusual pose, I like it a lot - I think it sums up both their personalities.  It's good to be working in acrylics again - feels like a long time since I did!

I am having trouble finding time though - life has a habit of intruding into my painting hours.  Last week it was trips to A&E with my partner (he is OK) and this week we have this:
Last night there was a huge hailstorm and ther water began to pour into our living room from above the door.  This is because our gutters are blocked and we are awaiting someone to clear them which has to be coordinated with the builders as our back garden has been sealed in with this:

which means we have no access in or out.  It's been two months now.....all garden rubbish and equipment has to be carried through the house as does anything bought for the garden - 6 bags of topsoil this week, all carried through the house.  I hate this whole situation, it's turning me into such a whinger!

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