Monday, 30 June 2014

Other People's Art

I bought this at the weekend - I just love it!  It's a print of a painting by the wildlife artist Pip McGarry, who had a small exhibition in a local gallery.  We went along for a look as he is one of my favourite wildlife artists, and I was lucky enough to meet the man and have a chat for a while.  He has now convinced me to enter my work into the Marwell Zoo annual exhibition - I have two weeks left in which to do it!

I rarely buy other people's art - not because I don't want to, but because it is usually out of my budget. However, I could not resist this - it was a toss up between the tiger and some zebras and the tiger won.  I now have to wait for the frame to be made before I can put it on the wall, which should give me plenty of time to clear a space for it!

We put up the model hawk yesterday on the porch roof in the front garden.  It was strangely quiet this morning when I woke up - not sure I like it and I am feeling kind of guilty at frightening birds away!  However, it was nice not to be woken up by ear-piercing screeches!

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