Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Watery Watercolour...

Despite a day of disruption and noise due to the builders finally moving in to the plot next door yesterday with their diggers and heavy plant, I did manage to get a couple hours painting time in the late afternoon and complete this little watercolour.

I think it is a place called Emsbury Cove - I got the reference photo from Midge at Soggibottom blog and I am sure she will correct me if I have the name wrong!*  I like the sense of looking down into the water and the light on the ripples.  It's a simple painting but it has broken my 'block' and hopefully I can paint more during the summer holidays...if the noise does not drive me over the edge!

The knitted aeroplane is going surprisingly well - I had to do the shaping while it was on the needles so complete guesswork.  When I sewed it over the foam base structure last night, it fit almost perfectly - wow!  Either the knitting gods are smiling down on me or I am quite good at my job these days!

*Elberry Cove - see, I knew Midge would put me straight!

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