Monday, 14 July 2014


The end of the school year always brings on terrible lethargy - you know it's ending, the routine is gone, the weather is nice, the temptation is to laze about in the garden.  I'm having that problem right now! However, I am working on a couple of things - this is a simple rectangular top in pink cotton yarn, based on a favourite jumper of mine.  I love to layer clothing and wanted a summer 'throwover' - it's a simple knit, I just hope the yarn I bought in a sale lasts the distance.
Another project which depends on the yarn holding out is this one, a bear.  Stylecraft Gypsy yarn is fantastic for this type of thing but is sadly discontinued - keep your fingers crossed for me!
I've been enjoying some lovely walks with the dog - the bean fields behind our house are not just full of beans (unlike me!) but a sea of white and yellow daisies.  I pick a bunch every few days - at least ones I can reach without trampling over any crops.
The garden is another distraction at the moment - things are reaching their peak and looking pretty...
..the tomato plants have yet to fruit but are now very high considering the bad start they had.  There are flowers at least.
And it looks like work will be starting on the building next door very soon - obviously the builders have some objection to us ever leaving our garden because they've barricaded us in yet again.  Are they terminally stupid?

While checking out the new Derwent website, I found the page with two of my illustrated tins on it - yay!  It never ceases to give me a little frisson of excitement to see my work out there!

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