Sunday, 6 July 2014

Budgies, Birthdays & Butterflies...

It's been a long time since I had some fun with felt - I bought the new Made in Felt magazine last week and was instantly taken with the pattern for a budgie.  Their version only had the face and wing on one side of the bird -well, you know me, I always have to go the extra mile, so mine have them on both sides in order to look like a real bird not half a one.  There is a pale purple one nearly complete as well - after that I think I will have exhausted my enthusiasm for this pattern for the time being!
Yesterday I had a small stall at the local dog show.  I didn't sell much, but it was a great opportunity to show my work to a wider audience locally and lots of people took cards and chatted about pet portraits.  Hopefully it will lead to some future commissions.  I also had fun watching all the varieties of dogs being entered in the show - who knew so many lived in the area, I never see them when I am out walking!
And speaking of dogs, someone has a birthday today - Clovis is 12!  He had a venison sausage with his breakfast, which went down well, and I think we'll treat him to a small birthday cake later on.  He's classed as an elderly dog, but still keeps charging around - yesterday he was crashing through a bean field after some small creature. I could see the plants moving ahead of him but whatever it was got away when Clovis became hemmed in by the tall, dense bean plants.  Silly old thing!
It seems to be a good year for butterflies - in our garden at least.  This Painted Lady was fluttering around the mombretia and buddleia the other day.  I think that's what it is - do correct me if I'm wrong!

Next on the needles - champagne!

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