Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cat And Garden...

I'm still working on this cat portrait in Derwent Drawing Pencils - not going as fast as it should, as I keep getting distracted, but making good progress nonetheless.  Luckily there is not a tight deadline for this, so I can afford to go at my own pace.
It would help if the garden was not such a pull!  We went to the Unusual Plant Fair in Selbourne at the weekend and came home with this - it has a name, but I can't remember it.  There was bloodshed when re-potting it, it is lethally spiky.  We left it in the plant creche at the fair and came back to find it had been put into solitary confinement - with good reason!
Also brought this home - just could not resist him, plus he was within my budget unlike the bird I really did want...
This was life-size!  We took photos in the hope that Bob might one day make me one....
Big excitement at the weekend when we discovered a (singular) flower on our kiwi vine.  The kiwi has been in place for about 15years and never produced anything and lives under constant threat of being cut down.  I'm hoping there were other flowers hidden amongst it otherwise one kiwi fruit is not going to go far among three of us.

Also been fruit picking - gooseberries & strawberries, so jam making on the agenda today.

On the needles: still the baby blanket plus got an order for 4 crochet geckos (?)

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