Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dog & Bone...

Last week I cracked and finally bought myself a smart phone, albeit the cheapest I could find.  Of course, smart phones are much bigger than the antiquated mobile that I have been using for the past I-don't-know-how-many years, so it needed a new cover.  Simple enough to make, a piece of watery-look fabric, some matching felt to line it and all sewn together with blanket stitch.  Then cut out a goldfish shape and embroider it on with a bit of gold crochet cotton, add a few sequins & Bob's your uncle!
I've even put a button for closing it, but feel that might get annoying when needing to get the phone out in a hurry, but it's there anyway.

Although I don't use my mobile much, I am really liking that I can use the new one as an MP3 player - spent hours downloading all my music at the weekend.
I was having the usual crisis of confidence over the weekend - it always happens when a painting is at the half-way point.  However, yesterday I put in a couple of hours and once I had added the shading under the muzzle, everything suddenly fell into place and I feel confident once more.  This should be finished in a couple of days.
Strawberries are ripening in the garden...
..and see if you can spot the very small first tomato of the season!

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