Wednesday, 17 June 2015

In A Right Pickle....

I seem to have spent an awful lot of my time this week chopping up vegetables and clearing up the resulting mess.  The house reeks, so do I, but it was all worth it.  Today's result was three jars of picalilli - my first time making it.  We won't know what it tastes like for a few weeks, but it looks all right!
Yesterday's result was five jars of apple & tomato chutney - since making this, I can no longer eat Branston as homemade is so much better.  It should be left for a month to mature but often I can't wait that long!

And in the garden, it's all looking lovely...

...when the weather is fine I find it hard to stay away.
There is so much to look at - I've jammed in so many plants in such a tiny space.
Some are well ahead, others are on their way - the Cosmos I grew from seed are still growing. This year I made bamboo support grids for them as they always seem to collapse if it rains.
There should be a lot of produce this year as well - fingers crossed!

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