Thursday, 4 June 2015

On Procrastination...

 I made these cookies on Tuesday - using my new cactus cookie cutter and also picking more violas from the garden for the round ones.  Quite fiddly and time consuming, especially when I should have been doing this:
 I've had a month to get my paintings ready for the Fleet Art Society exhibition which starts today, so why did I leave it all to two days beforehand? Beats me, I don't know where the time goes!  Every year is the same, I think I have plenty of time, get involved with other things and then suddenly have just 48 hours to frame a bunch of paintings.  Usually something goes wrong - dog hair under the glass, glass breaking, you get the idea. This year I had no excuse not to have done these earlier as I no longer work at the school.  Luckily, everything went really well, no hiccups in the process and even when I discovered one of the paintings was a silly size for normal frames, I was able to find a frame to fit it in town within ten minutes.

So off they go this morning - let's hope I get a sale or two!
 The weather has been cold and wet for a while so I was at least unable to waste time in the garden.  Things are growing well and hopefully this current warm spell will push it all along - there will be lots of produce if nothing dire happens.
 I didn't sow these, they appeared earlier this year in a hanging basket, must have self seeded.  They look so pretty all together in their little terracotta pots. Not destined for cookies!

On the needles: Cotton summer top - could be next summer at the rate I'm going.
                         More little things for Nudinits - you'll just have to keep an eye on Twitter for them

On the easel -  Dog portrait, coming along nicely.

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