Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Little & Large

At the moment I have quite a contrast in the projects I am knitting.  On the one hand is this, a baby shawl knitted in fabulous pure wool on size 5 needles in a reversible cable pattern.  It's soft, smells delicious, and is growing at a visible rate - always encouraging!

On the other hand, I am also knitting tiny props for Nudinits - using size 2 needles.  I actually enjoy the small knitting very much - so much so, I have invested in a set of metal circular needles that arrived from China (via Amazon!) yesterday.
Not only did they come in a compact handy case (with a panda on it), which made me squee with delight, but they also are organised very efficiently:
Whilst I have a vast selection of needles and have also just bought a large complete set of bamboo circulars in a range of sizes, the reason I bought this set was for this....
1.5mm needles!  I did not know they existed, let alone come in circular form.  I cannot wait to have a go with them and see just how small I can make something.  How big would one of my dog sets turn out?  Or one of the small creatures from Nudinits?  The possibilities are endless!

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