Monday, 10 August 2015

A Leopard & The Best Named Yarn Ever...

I'm still in the big cat zone after the tiger last week.  I searched out a cd full of reference photos that a friend of mine gave me after her trip to Namibia, and chose this leopard resting in the undergrowth.  This is in watercolour and still in the very early stages - you can see where I have marked out grass stems & whiskers in masking fluid, and the only complete part of the whole painting is the eyes.  I'm hoping to put in a good few hours on this over the next few days as I have no paid work on at the moment....not sure if that is a good thing or not!
I bought this yarn at Unravel in February this year, firstly because of the deep vibrant colours (which don't really show in the photo) and then I was completely won over when I found out it was called Toxic Bog!  I've been looking at it for months, waiting for an opportunity to start using it.  I found a pattern that I really liked for a lacy cowl, but after three failed starts, I decided the pattern and the yarn were just not compatible.  So I began again with a different shawl pattern called Dragonfly Wings, which hopefully will compliment the yarn perfectly.  At the moment it looks like nothing much, but give it time!
For the first year in quite a while, the garden is producing nicely.  Yesterday I gathered this lot, as well as some rhubarb later on.  We may look like runner beans come the end of the summer, but they are delicious.  The tomatoes are doing well (hooray!) and I am picking quite a few cucumbers, as well as courgettes.  The apple tree survived falling into the pond and is still laden with fruit, and the grapevine is yet again full of grapes even after being pruned very severely during the winter.  It's wonderful to be able to get out there and work it all without being disturbed by builders as in previous years.

There's a bit of sewing going on - more later.

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