Monday, 3 August 2015

Tiger! All Done...

Sometimes a painting just whizzes by with no serious problems and this was one of them. Perhaps because it is a familiar subject or perhaps because I have missed painting so much the past few weeks, who knows!

Watercolour with a bit of acrylic ink for the whiskers - up for sale in my Etsy shop shortly.
In the winter I re-potted a baby spider plant using some compost from our heap in the garden and put the little pot in my work room.  After a while, what looked like a tomato plant sprung up next to the spider plant, and grew and grew. So I put it in a pot of it's own and left it on the sill, whereupon it grew to reach the top of the window and produced fruit - I picked this ripe tomato yesterday and will be putting it in a salad today!

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