Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dog & Bear

I'm sure my heading is the name of a pub somewhere!  This is a quick experimental picture I drew/painted using Quink ink and a photo reference taken from the live cams over on  Since discovering that I can actually take photos from the live cameras (which still blows my mind!) I have been making sketches and seeing how I can use this wonderful new way of getting reference pictures.
I'm also still learning how Quink works when mixed with water, so neither of these pictures  are anything other than part of a learning experience.
Last week I got a commission to recreate a shaggy grey lurcher in wool - here he is.  Each time I make one of these I am amazed at how different they turn out.
This is actually the kind of dog I would like to have (as well as Clovis of course!)
For now I will have to make do with mini knitted ones!

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