Thursday, 19 November 2015

Savvi & Blue

 Here are the pair of greyhounds I've been working on the past couple of weeks.  This has been executed in Derwent Drawing Pencils on watercolour paper for a change.  I'm not sure I would use watercolour paper again - the tooth was quite rough and I had trouble getting smooth lines at times. Perhaps smooth paper would have been better!  However, it was good to be able to paint the background I wanted and have the white of the paper shine through in certain places.

This completes the Christmas commissions for the time being - I'm free if you would like to grab me!
Another Christmas commission currently on the needles is this gentleman - Iron Fist from Spiderman Web Warriors apparently. I'm having to design this as I go along and thankfully it is going well, because I really don't have the time for it to go wrong.  It's been a lot of fun actually - I'm very proud of the body shaping I have achieved - wait until you see the feet!

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