Friday, 27 November 2015

Stacie's Chicken & A Clanger

I don't often get to see my daughter's work that she does at the art studio, but yesterday she brought home this lovely silk painting of a chicken.  I'm planning on making it into a cushion for her so that we can see it rather than have it hidden away.  Not bad for someone who has problems with fine motor skills!
Another Clanger completed and ready to go to his new home.  These are fun to make but so fiddly.
The knitting is easy enough, it;s the final assembly that's the tricky bit.
This one is going to Texas - funny how all my Clangers emigrate to the USA!

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Gretel said...

Love your Clangers! I toyed (hoho) with the thought of needle felting one, just for myself, but the thought of doing all those fiddly little patches on the vest!