Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Yesterday I put the finishing touches to this, with a slight tinge of regret.  I could tinker with it for another couple of days but in all honesty it is complete.  This was painted with acrylics on Dalerboard treated with several layers of gesso for a smooth surface.  It makes life a lot easier not having to battle against the rough surface of the board, especially when making tiny precise brushstrokes.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting a different kind of dog - I seem to paint a lot of lurcher types and labradors. Nothing wrong with those, it's just nice to ring the changes occasionally.  However, next up are a pair of greyhounds - the photo session for them was a nightmare, they just wouldn't keep still!  Out of 40 photos taken, I managed to get 2 that are workable.

On the needles: nothing in particular - no commissions at present, so it is time to work my way through the pile of WIP's that seems to have accumulated.

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