Friday, 28 September 2007


Here they are, the kitten and puppy with their little bits and pieces! They each have a nice squashy bed, a food bowl and a big sack of biscuits (with 'biscuits' inside), and a can of their favourite food. The dog has a chewy bone and the kitten has a little mousey friend. And that's all I'm doing for now - back to beads for a little while. Both SOLD!


natural attrill said...

I wonder if you can get stalls at crufts? bet you'd sell lots there.
You have so much patience Caroline to sew all these tiny things.

backpakker said...

Very pretty and you are extremely creative ..I love the eyes of the doggy really conveys an emotion like a real dog

natural attrill said...

The little mouse is really sweet!
Imade a whole family of felt mice a couple of years ago. I wonde wher they are......?!