Saturday, 29 September 2007

Three Bracelets....

The above are three little bracelets for a commission. They are for three redheaded young ladies, so I had to choose colours to suit their skin and hair. I have used turquoise glass beads alternating with AB clear glass beads on silver wire for the central one; the other two are on bronze wire, the left-hand one using AB shades of blue/lilac glass beads, the right-hand one using dark blue glass beads with sprinkles of gold within them and bronze glass seed beads. It's quite fascinating making jewellery for someone else as you have to make something you might not normally think of - I am very pleased with these and hope they go down well with the lady who commissioned them. It was also very nice to get the wire and beads out again after all that sewing!

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natural attrill said...

The dark blue and gold one is my favourite, very egyptian colours!